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The Hidee Gold Mine,
Lower Russell Gulch
Gilpin County, CO

The mine was originally located in 1896 and was first accessed by a shaft atop the ridge. The vein has been worked intermittently from then until present time. In the early 1980's, mine owner Charles "Choppo" Fetterhoff, a long time miner in the region, decided to re access the shaft via walk-in adit and give educational tours to grade schools, universities and mineralogists.

Choppo continued to work at the mine with his friend and business partner Ed Lewandowski until 1995 when after a long and colorful career in the mines of Clear Creek and Gilpin County he passed away leaving the operation of the Hidee in the hands of his friend Mr. Lewandowski.

The educational legacy of the Hidee began by "Choppo" in the 1980's continues today as we still give tours, work the vein, and explain the regions geology, mineralogy and history. Ore produced has been valued as high as 7.90 ounces gold, 14.60 ounces silver and 9.60% copper per ton. Assays of mine samples have been as high as 112 ounces gold per ton, 20 ounces silver and 16.5% copper per ton!

The Hidee sits in the heart of the Virginia Canyon - Glory Hole Area, reputed to be the richest square mile on Earth. Specimen quality Pyritic gold ore is the principal product. The mines in this area all told produced more than $5 billion (2012 gold value) in gold and silver since 1859.

The mine is presently being operated by Mark Greaves and Chris Stone of Hidee Gold Mine Tours LLC with the advice and help from their long time mentor Ed Lewandowski.

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